In a pursuit of cartoon lock screens

Are you in search for the perfect lock screen cartoon wallpaper like many of us? If so, stay right here.

We are not going to give you plenty of pictures, but we’ll try to inspire you with some of them we’ve crossed around on Tumblr:

Cute, don’t you thing so? Anyway, if you notice the quote on “Alice in Wonderland” picture, you’ll probably realize it’s not from that movie. It is actually from the song “Mad Hatter” which is performed by young and very creative artist Melanie Martinez.

Enjoy in your search on Tumblr, Pinterest, We Heart It or any other cool website while listening to Miss Martinez. Trust us, you’ll be thankful for discovering this singer!

* And no – we don’t know her nor we’re making money on this advertisement of Melanie Martinez, Tumblr, Pinterest and/or We Heart It. This is only a friendly recommendation from one lock screen/new music seeker to another 🙂


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